Nothing exists in isolation. This thought is central to my understanding of the world and it drives my process as an artist. I am intrigued by concepts that surround the connections and processes that link phenomena and existence. Through drawing and painting, I give form to these abstractions.

When I set out to make a piece or a series I choose a handful of techniques to explore, often using mixed media with acrylic paint. I make composite images using geometric shapes and textures that may convey the feeling or attitude of my subject.  At the same time, I work to seek a balance between subject and object.

I recognize that paintings and drawings are objects. I have heightned the object-ness of many my works by making structures on which to draw and paint, or framing the picture plane in ways I find interesting. I work on shaped wood panel and raw canvas, engaging my audience through these art objects. By handling various mediums, developing my own iconography, and heightening the physical structure of my work, I reach out to the space between viewer and artwork.

After experiments in which I have attempted to break apart the picture plane, and after having become increasingly interested in sound design, I am seeking to re-tool my portfolio to focus on concerns of image as sound. The fruits of that endeavor are forthcoming.